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  • FE Powertools BV
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All our machines:
- are equipped with a cooling / lubrication system.
- with original Eibenstock engines.
- have no visible cables outside.
- all morse conus machines are equipped with a quick change system.

Fe Powertools offer you the best Magnetic drilling machines and hole cutters / annular cutters and other popular tools for the metal and steel industry supplied by Fe Powertools.

Magnetic drilling machines / mag drills, mag bases, workshop presses, bandsaw machines, dry cut off machines and grinding machines from Fe Powertools .

Fe Powertools magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters

Fe Powertools is the specialist for magnetic drilling machines, hole cutters, annular cutters and all needed accessories. We have a wide range of powerful magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters, which are produced in Germany. The factory who manufactures for us has more than 30 years experience in this field. We can assure you: “Top quality European products” against very attractive prices and ofcourse the best support and service from the owners: Mark Korsten, Ron Leupe and Ron Schrader. With their more than 40 years experience in tools for the metal and steel industry they would love to work with you.

Importers, agents or distributors world wide wanted don´t waste time. contact us ASAP:

Fe Powertools is constantly building up their dealer network worldwide, please join us to make the Fe Powertools brand and product line a success ! Not only for magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters we can cooperate with you, you will also find the other accessories and tools which we can supply you. All the products from Fe Powertools are of the highest quality and made in Europe.



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