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Magnetic drilling machines – Hole cutters – Annular cutters – Accessories
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Fe Powertools your number 1 choice

Fe Powertools your number 1 choice

Specialist for magnetic drilling machines, sawing machines, beveling machines, and all other tools and accessories used in the metal and steel industry

Fe Powertools your number 1 choice !

We lighten your workload even in heavy-duty construction applications

Fe Powertools is your specialist for magnetic drilling machines, hole cutters, annular cutters and all needed accessories used in the steel industry. Starting from March 2016 we offer a wide range of magnetic drilling machines and hole cutters, all produced in Germany. The factory who manufactures for us has more than 30 years experience in this field. We can assure you: Top quality European products against very attractive prices and of course the best support and service from the Fe Powertools team. With more than 40 years in total, experience in tools for the metal- and steel industry they love to work with you. If Fe Powertools can’t help you, nobody can.

Our Products

kernboormachines magneetboormachines

Magnetic drilling machines

kernboren HSS kernboren TCT

Hole Cutters / Annular cutters

Hole Cutters Accessories

Hole Cutters Accessories

laskantenfreesmachine metaalbewerking

Beveling Machines

Pijpbewerkingsmachines metaal pipe beveling machine

Pipe Beveling Machines


Cutting oil for hole cutters

Kernboor adapters

Hole Cutters Adapters

spiraalboren metaal koelkanaalboren

FE Twist Drills

Tappen gereedschap voor metaalbewerking

Tapping equipment

stiftfrezen met boom en met ronde top

Carbide burrs

stiftslijper metaalbewerking professioneel


zaagmachines metaal

Sawing machines

Portable Hydraulische Ponsmachine FE-60 PH

Portable punching machines


Impact Wrench

drillmate drillpress and vacuum system

Drill force & vacuum system

Portable ponsmachines hydraulisch