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Beveler UZ-50

Full automatic beveling machine to create double sides bevels

Beveler UZ-50 unique double sided beveling machine for steel, stainless steel, Hardox, Domex and Aluminium.
Automatic feeding, automatic feed speed adjustment and high speed milling head

  • automatic feeding, automatic feed speed adjustment with inverter, 0 -1,2m/min
  • high speed milling head with very resistant inserts, max. width of bevel 62mm/15°, 50mm/45°
  • 15-60° infinitely variable angle, without replacing any parts
  • material thickness 7 – 80 mm
  • the electric circuit is enclosed in a dust proof box and is equipped with all the safety devices necessary.
  • CE conformity declaration
  • unique MANIPULATOR 3D – manipulator provides a simple quick turn UZ50 Triumph of 180° to create double sided bevel X K. The operator does not need a crane to rotate the material. There is a significant saving of work time.
  • the unique clamping system allows the machine UZ 50 Triumph to be assembled and disassembled (Quick System) within a few seconds without using any tools
  • the beveler UZ 50 Triumph is “floating” on MANIPULATOR 3D and compensates the unevenness of the floor or the deformations of the steel plate.
  • MANIPULATOR 3D allows the easy manipulation with beveler
  • the required height of the machine can be set up by MANIPULATOR 3D by lift handle
  • the movement of the machine is provided by massive wheels mounted on the carriage
  • the possibility to bevel with MANIPULATOR 3D or without
  • the possibility to use the MANIPULATOR 3D like a stationary station


Full automatic beveling machine

Beveler UZ-50

Thickness material: 7 – 70MM
Minimum dimension material: 200 x 100 x 7 mm
Maximum dimension of material: unlimited
Engine milling head: 4000 W /400V/3 fase/ 50Hz
Cuttingspeed : 182,92 m/min
Milling head: 85 mm with 5 inserts
Engine automatic feeding: 2 x 120 watt/ 400V/ 3 fase/ 50Hz
Machine weight incl manipulator: 175 kg