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Beveling Machine FEB 20/2

Mobile Beveling / deburring machine

The Beveling Machine FEB 20/2 is the mobile solution for making welding edges. Due to the integrated roller system the beveling machine / deburring machine moves effortlessly over the material to be processed. This also means you can rest the beveling machine on the material instead of having to carry the weight.

The FEB 20/2 beveling machine is supplied with 2 cutting plate holders each carrying 6 pieces of high quality cutting plates. Finishing of the material is therefore no longer necessary. FEB 20/2 has a maximum bevel capacity of 20 mm (0.79″). With intensive use you can connect FEB 20/2 beveling machine to an air supply, supplying the necessary cooling. FEB 20/2 has a variable adjustable angle setting of 15°-60°. A 0° adaptor is available as accessory. Ideal for use on plates or section. Can also be used for vertical placed pipes.

mobile beveling machine-deburring machine-feb20-2

Beveling Machine FEB 20/2

Motor power: 1600 Watt
Speed: 2780–3340 min-1
Max.bevel: 21 mm (13/16’’)
Angle setting: 15°-60° variabel
0° adapter optinal available
Thermo protection
Weight: 20,5 kg (45 Lbs)

Cutting plate holder with FEB20CP cutting plates

FECI 1.001 High quality cutting plates for FEB 20 Packing 20 pcs