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Drill Chucks


Drill Chucks

Keyed drill chucks and keyless drill chucks are an useful addition for any magnetic drilling machine.
Although hole cutters are more time efficient, in some cases the old twist drill still comes in handy.

Keyless drill chucks

Article no#Taper boreChuck size
FEKDC13.001DIN238-B161-13 mm
FEKDC16.001DIN238-B161-16 mm
FEKDC13.0021/2″x20NF1-13 mm
FEKDC16.0021/2″x20NF1-13 mm

Keyed drill chucks

Article no#Taper boreChuck size
FEKDC13.003DIN238-B161-13 mm
FEKDC16.003DIN238-B161-16 mm
FEKDC13.0041/2″x20NF1-13 mm
FEKDC16.0041/2″x20NF1-16 mm

Taper adapters

Article no#Din Norm

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