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  • FE Powertools Hole Cutters | Annular Cutters are the best quality cutters in the world. Holes done by our cutters are more precise and we assure you a longer life time of the cutters. Fe Powertools can deliver the best hole cutters / Annular cutters against the best price. All our hole cutters have been produced to high standards.

    On this page you will find general info, such as cutting speeds and feed rates regarding hole cutters. This info is not only valid for FE Powertools hole cutters but also for other known brands of hole cutters. Our hole cutters are produced to our requirements and standards in a well known hole cutter production plant in Germany.

    The extensive CNC machinery park, the carefully chosen materials, the optimalised production process and last but not least 25 years of experience offer a first class hole cutter of German top quality. Having this partnership in mind we can guarentee you that:

    • Every size hole cutter can be delivered from stock
    • Hole cutters are of European top quality
    • We have a solution for every possible drilling operation
    • Due to our full stock of spare parts we can repair any of your magnetic drilling machines
    • All our hole cutters have been produced to high standards.
    • We can support our dealers with top quality products and promotion material

    The hole cutter has many advantages against standard twist drills. Due to the fact that when drilling with a hole cutter you will only remove the circumference of the hole, you will have an enormeous time advantage against using standard twist drills. Hole cutters are available in several sizes and depths. We can deliver:
    HSS hole cutters
    TCT hole cutters