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Magnetic Drilling Machine FE 100 R/L X S

Magnetic drilling machine with swivel base

FE 100 R/L X S magnetic drilling machine with swivel base, suited for any task you can think off. A more complete mag drill you cannot wish for. With the exchangable morse taper 3 and adjustable magnetic base you can drill with hole cutters up to Ø 100 mm, tap up to M30 and use twist drills up to Ø 31.75 mm.

This magnetic drill is powered by a strong 1800 watt Eibenstock drill. The motor is equipped with a torque control, enabling you to have full control over your drilling operations. A continuous internal coolant system is an optional supply for this mag drill. Please check our cutting oil section of our website. To be able to use other manufacurers cutters in the FE 100 R/L X please check out the adapter section on our website

All our mag drills machines can be supplied in 110 Volt as well as in 230 Volt.




Cutting Oils


Magnetic drilling machine

Magnetic Drilling Machine FE 100 R/L X S

Motor power: 1800 Watt
Spindle: Morse taper 3 – 19 mm (3/4″) Weldon
Hole cutter / annular cutter short (30 mm): Ø 12 -100 mm (4″)
Hole cutter / annular cutter long (55 mm): Ø 12 – 100 mm (4″)
Hole cutter / annular cutter extra long (75/110 mm): Ø 12 -100 mm (4″)
Countersink: Ø 50 mm (2″)
Reaming: Ø 31.75 mm (1-1/4″)
Twist drills: Ø 31.75 mm (1-1/5″)
Tapping: M6 – M30
RPM: I 40-140 min-1 – II 120-480 min-1
Stroke: 250 mm (9.85″)
Weight: 27 Kgs (59.5 Lbs)
Magnet power: 3500KG/ 7717 Lbs
Swivel base 30 degrees left or right
and 20MM forwards or backwards

Standard delivery of Magnetic Drilling Machine FE 100 R/L X S contains:
1 mag drill
1 Morse taper no 3
1 pilot pin FEPP 75 (Ø 6.35×79 mm)
1 pilot pin FEPP 100 (Ø 6.35×103 mm)
1 pilot pin FEPP 90 (Ø 8.0×90 mm)
1 pilot pin FEPP 120 (Ø 8.0×122 mm)
1 Morse taper no 3 remover
1 transport carrying case
1 safety chain
1 manual

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