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  • Sawing machines are used for sawing several types of material

    The FE 355 sawing machine is an ideal machine for sawing steel, copper, wood and PVC. The special alligned teeth on the saw blade make this a versatile machine that should be available in every work shop

  • FE 355 Dry cutter

    Motor power: 2200 Watt
    Saw blade: Ø 355 mm (14") or Ø 305 mm (12")
    RPM: 1300
    Angle 90 degrees: 135 mm (5.31")
    Angle 45 degrees: 105 mm (4.13")
    Maximum thickness: 13 mm (0.5" )
    Weight: 23 kgs (50.6 Lbs)

  • FEC 230 Hand circular saw for steel

    Motor power: 1700Watt
    Saw blade diameter: Ø 230mm
    bore diameter: 25,40mm
    RPM: 3700 t/ min
    Max. thickness: 84mm
    Weight: 7kg
    Inclusive: a strong TCT sawblade (made in japan)